Dustin Sloan '14 Reinvents the Barbie Jeep at Georgia Tech

Alumnus Dustin Sloan '14 has been having serious fun as a mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech, with one of his most recent projects, a powered-up Barbie Jeep, garnering local news attention

Sloan '14 teamed up with a fellow student in his program for the project. They used a 250cc motor from a log-splitter for the engine and equipped the pink plastic vehicle with a steel frame, hydraulic brakes, a new gas pedal, and other components needed for steering. The result was the creation of a "speed demon" that goes up to 30mph (a tradition Barbie Jeep cruises at about 5mph). 

“It’s very touchy on the gas, braking, and steering, but gives a good deal of control,” said Sloan. “You can even drift in it and power slide.”

The project was completed at the RoboJackets shop space at Georgia Tech where they have transformed multiple traditional vehicles into high-powered machines.  

Sloan '14 is in his fourth year at Georgia Tech and is scheduled to graduate this May.