Millbrook Welcomes Mental Health Awareness Expert Hakeem Rahim

Millbrook welcomed Mental Health Awareness Expert Hakeem Rahim to speak at an all-school forum on Friday, March 29th. 

Mr. Rahim offered a first-person account of his struggle with anxiety and depression, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in college, and living well with these mental health challenges in the years since. 

Mr. Rahim's visit was spanned over three days, starting with a workshop that was open to all Millbrook and neighboring Webutuck faculty members, which was followed by the forum discussion; and last, an optional student workshop the following Saturday morning, which was aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues and building self-awareness and confidence.

His honest and dynamic dialogue offered an opportunity for everyone who attended his forum and workshops to think about mental illness, how it might impact our lives, and how we can best support each other.