Millbrook Hosts Third Annual Say Yes Fest!

Millbrook hosted the third annual "Say Yes Fest!" on Friday, November 30th. 

The annual improvisation event was established by Millbrook and Berkshire in 2016, and the schools alternate hosting each year. The event begins with short-form games to encourage teamwork among the student performers. Following this warm-up, students are presented with a predetermined set of variables and parameters for their assigned scenes. 

"Berkshire and Millbrook’s collaborative improv experience brought out the best in our students as they worked together to master the given variables for each scene, work within the given parameters, and bring a ton of character to each of the seven scenes presented," said Director of Theater Elaine Lifter.

Awards were given out for best scene of the night, best use of a variable, best ensemble, and more. It was a great night of improv, collaboration, and fun!

Click here to watch a video of the event and click here to view photos.