Pianist-Composer Nahre Sol Visits Millbrook

Millbrook welcomed pianist-composer and educator Nahre Sol to campus on Thursday, November 15th. Sol is a Julliard graduate who has performed worldwide; other artists including Julian Martin, Han Chen, Jaewon Bang, and Jeremy Smith have also performed her compositions in New York City and Paris. Sol has an online video series, Practice Notes, where she documents and shares various tips and insights related to learning and practicing music at the piano. 

"Sol is a virtuoso pianist, and we have watched her YouTube videos in our music theory class, specifically to break apart the blues form and understand how to improvise over that form," said Vocal Music Director Joe Raciti. "I knew our students would benefit from the opportunity to work with her in person." 

Sol spent a full day on campus, visiting with classes, working with students both in groups and individually, and attending Millbrook's Thanksgiving dinner and chapel service, where she performed with Millbrook Voices. 

"Students were able to see first hand an exceptional musician breaking down music to the level of detail required to understand a musical pattern," said Mr. Raciti. She also spent time teaching students precise language about musical pieces and helped them hone their musical observation abilities. 

It was an honor to host Sol and to learn from her.