Warner Gallery Features "Super Natural" Exhibition

The Warner Gallery's current exhibition, Super Natural, recently opened for viewing, and its creation was a truly collaborative effort, as students, faculty, artists, and physical plant staff worked together over the last few weeks to combine science, prose, gardening, and art to prepare for the opening. Featured works from artists including Vaughn Bell, Emma Steinkrauss, Ari Weinkle, and Millbrook students include cinematographic typography, photography, mixed media, and ecological artwork.

Early in the preparation stages, Mr. Schmitt’s botany class foraged plant materials around Millbrook's campus for the three terrariums that are on display. Students were responsible for curating and planting the terrariums and have been caring for them. During their process they interviewed artist Vaughn Bell to learn about her motivation to create her own terrarium artworks, which were their inspiration. Upon completing the terrariums, students worked in conjunction with Millbrook's Physical Plant staff to install them from the gallery ceiling. 
Members of Ms. MacWright's honors photography class documented the terrarium process. They then printed, framed, and installed their photography in the Warner Gallery. Meanwhile, Mr. Feuer’s literary community service wrote didactics and biographies for the exhibition. 

Alongside the students' artwork are cinematographic typography from Ari Weinkle and a wearable piece from Emma Steinkrauss titled Foraging Jacket, a matte-medium transfer of local plants and mushrooms on silk.
Super Natural aims to connect art and science, and the thoughtful and attentive work of all involved, as well as the range of pieces displayed, have resulted in an interactive and thought-provoking exhibition experience.

"These two disciplines often seek to alter normal perspectives to allow for new observations," said Arts Department Chair and Director of the Warner Gallery Sarah MacWright. "When Mr. Schmitt and I spoke with Vaughn, she said that putting your head in a terrarium should give you the experience of lying down on the forest floor. Though the forest may be familiar to many at Millbrook, this piece of art provides a special perspective," she said, referencing how gallery viewers can experience through sight, smell, and even touch, parts of nature in unexpected ways. "In a way, the terrariums are an analog to Millbrook's canopy walkway, a tool for a new perspective," said Ms. MacWright. 

Super Natural will be on exhibition through December 8th, and a reception will be hosted on November 2nd. 

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