Alumnus Thomas E. Lovejoy, PhD '59 in New York Times

"Humanity’s very ability to think certain thoughts depends on our great forests," says alumnus Thomas E. Lovejoy, PhD '59 in today's The New York Times opinion article "How Big Forests Solve Global Problems," which he co-wrote with John Reid of the Conservation Strategy Fund. The article outlines the importance of forests and of preserving them.

Dr. Lovejoy is a conservation biologist and ecologist, whose work in the Brazilian Amazon since 1965 has focused on the interface of science and environmental policy. He earned his PhD in biology from Yale University and was elected University Professor at George Mason in 2010. He helped bring attention to the issue of tropical deforestation and in 1980 published the first estimate of global extinction rates. In the past, he has served as the senior advisor to the president of the United Nations Foundation and the chief biodiversity advisor to the World Bank. He has also served on advisory councils in the Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton administrations. In 2012 he received the Blue Planet Prize. These are just some examples of his extensive research, many important roles, and prestigious accolades.

Dr. Lovejoy will be returning to Millbrook in May for a special annual event, Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow 2.0, a dinner discussion about conservation with other scientific leaders and Millbrook faculty. He will also sit in on classes, visit the Trevor Zoo, tour our south campus, and talk about his career with students.

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