Students Collaborate for Second Annual Improv Festival

Millbrook improvisers traveled to Berkshire School yesterday evening for the second annual collaborative improv festival, Say Yes Fest! Millbrook hosted the first collaborative improv event last year, and the schools decided to launch the annual gathering to celebrate the art of improvisation. 

“This is not the first time that we have collaborated with Berkshire,” says Director of Theater Elaine Lifter, who has collaborated with Berkshire's theater director, Jesse Howard, in the past. "In 2016, both schools produced the musical In The Heights, and we were able to attend and support each other at our respective schools, which was a great experience for the students. It is great that we have been able to organize events like these to allow the students to learn from and support one another," she says. 

This year's Say Yes Fest! began with the students participating in long form games. They then broke into twelve mixed subgroups to work with five assigned variables. The event concluded with the schools coming together to perform for a live audience, as well as a presentation of awards for outstanding performances.

"Our students have been experimenting with variables and prepping for the festival throughout the semester," says Ms. Lifter. "It was exciting to see the results of their efforts in practice come to fruitiion in their performances," she says. 

Their hard work was evident in their performances, and the event was enjoyed by all. Bravo!