Capital Campaigns


The Millbrook Campaign, which kicked off in 2012, has raised over $70 million to date towards the Student Life Master Plan and the endowment.

The comprehensive Student Life Master Plan included:
  • The Barn/student center, a complete renovation
  • A new maintenance facility
  • Koenigsberger Hall, a new girls dormitory
  • Casertano Hall, new dining facility
  • Prum Hall renovations
  • The Mill, a complete renovation
  • New faculty housing
  • Four new international squash courts
  • $10 million in Annual Fund monies
  • $45 million in endowment to support crucially important faculty development, financial aid, and student program initiatives

The school also raised more than $75 million between 1992 and 2012. Pulling Forward, completed in the spring of 2008, raised $40 million to improve academic facilities, including the Hamilton Math and Science Center. Just prior to that, Pulling Together raised an additional $36 million towards campus beautification.

The Millbrook Campaign

Pulling Forward & Pulling Together