Heron Video Archive:
Watch wild Great Blue Herons living 90 feet above the Trevor Zoo! Watch them nesting above our Wallaby and Emu enclosure. Herons have been nesting in the trees above the zoo for the past ten years. This project was started in 2014 by Millbrook student John Norfleet. Watch this short film about it.
06/23/19 - Active branching by both fledges
05/14/19 - Chicks 3 & 4 killed by sibilcide
05/14/19 - Youngest chick forced from nest
05/04/19 - Views of atleast four chicks in nest
04/25/19 - First hatch and egg shell tossed
04/02/19 - North Nest herons identified as Nate & Kate
03/30/19 - 3 eggs visible in north nest
03/25/19 - Herons seen mating in North Nest
03/25/19 - Camera repaired in  Center Tree
03/12/19 - Adult Heron seen on pond snag
Weather Underground PWS KNYMILLB10
05/20/18 - Herons building nest in North Tree
05/03/18 - 1st Egg laid in Center Nest
04/29/18 - Herons building nest in Center Tree
04/14/18 - Weather Station Installed
03/30/18 - Heron seen in Center Nest 
03/26/18 - Camera repaired in Center Nest Tree
03/18/18 - 2 Adult Herons seen on pond snag


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