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  • Basketball - Boys JV

    2019 - 2020
    Head Coach: Mark Clizbe

    Millbrook School strongly believes that a total education on the secondary level involves an interscholastic team experience.

    On the junior varsity or thirds level of interscholastic competition, all Millbrook students enjoy the opportunity to compete every season. While the values of winning and losing are important on the lower level programs at Millbrook, both developmental concerns as well as participation are paramount to the student athlete’s experience. Coaches are cognizant of playing time for as many team members as possible. Coaches are also focused on not only the overall team experience but the young individual and developing athlete.

    Every Millbrook student gets the opportunity to play on an interscholastic team. For most of these student athletes, secondary school might be their last interscholastic experience, but not their last athletic enjoyment.


  • Photo of Mark Clizbe
    Head Coach:  Mark Clizbe
    845-677-8261 Ext. 158
  • Photo of Geoffrey Livsey
    Coach Geoffrey Livsey


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