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  • Squash - Thirds Blue

    2019 - 2020
    Head Coach: Davida LaCosse

    Squash has become a very popular sport at Millbrook, so much so that in order to provide accessibility to the sport for all interested student-athletes, the thirds squash team was created. Thirds squash consists of approximately thirty players who are new to the sport and don't yet have the skills and experience to make the rosters of the JV and Varsity teams, but still want to participate in an organized, instructional, and competitive squash program. Ladders are maintained, based on frequent intra-squad challenge matches, and dual matches are scheduled throughout the season with other local thirds teams and middle school varsity teams.

    It is the hope of the athletic department and squash coaches here at Millbrook that with the right combination of training and match play, the members of the thirds squash team will acquire the necessary skills to move on to subsequent seasons to play important roles on the JV and Varsity squash teams.



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