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Slake is an exhibition of work for long-time teacher Bill Hardy. Bill has been with Millbrook for 30 years, starting at the same time as current headmaster Drew Casertano. Bill and his wife, Cam, sought out careers at Millbrook for the ease of raising a family within the boarding school environment. They found they held a strong belief in Drew and his direction and ideas for the school. Their belief in the authenticity of the school and love of the circulating students inspired them to stay at Millbrook for these past years, bringing Bill to his retirement at the end of this year. Touching the lives of his students, many returned to help him with the install of the exhibition.

Slake means to quench one's thirst, and Bill is hoping the gallery will showcase his curiosity throughout his teaching career. He has been teaching for 49 years, and Slake contains work spanning the last 40. Bill has pulled pieces from 7 series of work that he believes represent various stages in his life where he serviced his curiosity. In the gallery, among the paintings, drawings, photographs, and poetry, a journal sits in the center of the room. Bill states he has many journals full of words and pictures to expand on his curiosities, and he hopes that his exhibition will invite students and others to do the same. He wants you to slake your curiosities. Bill wants anyone visiting the gallery to "be satiated by curiosity, activity, and doing. You don't have to be accomplished. I want them to slake."
Don't miss the unique opportunity to see selected works by Gordon Parks on exhibit in the Flagler Memorial Chapel. After interning with the Gardon Parks Foundation, VI form student Gabby Kirikian '20 worked Foundation Director Peter W. Kunhardt Jr. '01 to curate the show as her Culminating Experience for Seniors project.
Millbrook School’s Warner Gallery is a professional gallery space located within the Holbrook Arts Center.

Each year the Warner Gallery hosts four major exhibitions. The academic year begins with Confluence, an annual faculty show, and closes with Holbrook Made, an exhibit of work by advanced students in the visual arts. Two additional exhibits during the school year feature art by established and emerging artists from across the country. These exhibitions have spanned traditional and new art forms, including drawing and painting, sculpture, photography, video art and animation, performance documentation, and interactive pieces. Millbrook’s students are the first and most important audience for the Warner Gallery programming. Exhibitions enrich and inspire curriculum in the arts department and beyond. Outside visitors are welcome to attend gallery receptions and to visit during normal business hours.

Collaboration and the Warner Gallery
Warner Gallery exhibitions often explore connections between the arts and other academic departments. Over the years members of Millbrook’s faculty in the history, English, science, math, and world language departments have created projects and opportunities for investigation that make the art in the gallery come alive. Students in art history classes have also served as guest curators.

The following is a list of some past exhibition highlights.
Gabriel García Román Queer Icons
Ron Haviv Testimony*
Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith Question Bridge: Black Males
Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick Truppe Fledermaus
Tanya Marcuse Undergarments and Armor
Alec Soth Somewhere*

*curated by Millbrook students in the Art History course in collaboration with the artist
The Warner Gallery is open 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and by appointment.

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