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Dave Whiting

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How long have you been teaching?

    I have been teaching at Millbrook for over 18 years. Prior to Millbrook, I was at Oakwood Friends for four years and Rumsy Hall for eight.
  • Why do you teach U.S. history?

    Well, I have a degree in history from Middlebury College. What I got out of my independent school education as the ability to write, and I developed those skills in history class. 
  • What has drawn you to independent school education?

    I'm a product of an independent school. What I love about boarding school is the impact we have outside of the classroom. I may have one or many of my students in the dormitory, on the athletic field, as an advisee, or a combination of those.
  • What might your students be surprised to learn about you? 

    I've lived in eight different states in the U.S.
  • What brought you to Millbrook?

    Millbrook's approach and philisophy is what the boarding school environment is all about. I love the fact that there is a bed for every day student. I spent one day on campus, and I knew in my gut that this was the right place. 
    • I spent one day on Millbrook

      I spent one day on Millbrook's campus, and I knew in my gut that this was the right place for me and my family.