The acronym stands for our core values: respect, integrity, stewardship of the natural world, service to the community, and curiosity. The program takes place both on and off-campus during the week before spring break; in 2020 it will run the week of March 2nd.

The purpose of RIS2C is to immerse ourselves deeply in Millbrook’s mission, using out-of-the-classroom opportunities for exploring & practicing stewardship, service, and curiosity. We want to provide a “deep-dive” experience beyond the classroom walls with a small, multi-age, and fully-present group of interested students and faculty. 

VIth formers
spend the four days working on his or her Culminating Experience for Seniors (CES) project. Integrated into the week will be opportunities to work with mentors on content and to participate in an extensive workshop on public presentation offered by the organization Stand and Deliver. 

IIIrd, IVth and Vth formers
will have several options:
  1. Three “Outdoor Excursion” trips travel to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks or the White Mountains of New Hampshire. These trips will range in “ruggedness” in terms of accommodation, but all participants will have the chance to learn about the wilderness around them, brave the winter elements, and practice outdoor and leadership skills.
  2. Three “Community Engagement” trips spend the four days in our neighboring cities of Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Albany to learn about the history, demographics, and current issues in their city and to partner with local organizations to put hands and minds to work in response to some of these issues.
  3. A large variety of Think Tank groups will work on projects on campus. Participants in Think Tank will be presented with a challenge and then use the design thinking process to define, understand, and solve that challenge, and present their findings to the community. Design teams like this are at work in entrepreneurial ventures all over the world.
Under formers who are at Millbrook for four years will have the chance to participate in a trip during at least one of their years at Millbrook.