List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What classes do you teach, and how do you approach them?

    I teach three French classes at levels II and III. All of my classes are full immersion, and I encourage all students to feel comfortable taking risks with the language. I focus on my students functioning in the language, rather than only learning the literal functions of the language. I’m happy to see that this is also now the direction the College Board has taken in regards to the AP exam. I like to quote Winston Churchill to my students, “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” I translate it of course, because we are full immersion! That seems so fitting, don’t you think?
  • Q. What have your favorite days at Millbrook entailed?

    My favorite days entail teaching a long block where the class gets deep into a discussion about world problems and begins to come up with solutions as a group and realizes they were so involved that long block has already flown by! I also love having a student ask to have lunch with me just because they want to talk about things going on in their life. I am also a big fan of Winter Weekend.  I love witnessing the intense school spirit as students build memories they will cherish forever. 
  • Q. What other roles do you play on campus besides teaching?

    I coach the girls varsity squash team, who is the most amazing group of girls. I also have two businesses, one of which is an etiquette school, Power of Etiquette, that regularly holds programs on campus. As a certified etiquette consultant, I have had 52 Millbrook students who have taken the program this year.  I hope that someday all Millbrook students will graduate with their etiquette diploma in addition to their high school diploma. 
  • Q. Your husband works at Millbrook and your children attend Millbrook — how has the experience of working with your entire family been unique?

    My husband has been at Millbrook School for 9 years and has always been very proud of Millbrook.  Our children, Greg and Heidi, are very fortunate to be students at Millbrook and I can honestly say it has been the most fabulous experience for all of us.  While it’s not so unusual at boarding schools for an entire family to be at the school, I do feel blessed to have the opportunity to share this experience together as a family. 
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