Mustangs of the Week - November 6, 2017

Football, Jake Talhami '18
Jake has been a leading presence on the team since day one, and his multiple talents as quarterback, receiver, linebacker, punt snapper, and kicker have been a major factor in the team’s success to-date. Jake’s leadership rallies the team together to dominate, which was evident in Saturday’s 48-14 win against Gunnery. Jake’s leadership on the field as quarterback led to two passing touchdowns, despite sometimes heavy pressure from the Gunnery defensive line. His passing skill is excellent, and he can thread a needle at 30 yards with the football. Jake knows everyone’s role on a given play, and helps newer players in the huddle if they are confused on their role in the called play. During practices, Jake’s voice is usually the loudest during warmups when he leads the team. He is truly a dependable, loyal, and dynamic athlete, and an asset to any team.

Girls Varsity Soccer, Jalia Musah '21
Although Jalia has only been at Millbrook for nine short weeks, she has made a big impact on the girls varsity soccer program. Jalia’s soccer ability has caught the attention of many around the league, and after last week’s performance (3 goals and 1 assist), there is good reason for them to worry. We are fortunate that she will be with us for another three years, and we look forward to watching her continued growth as an athlete.

Boys Cross Country, Jayden Reaves '19
Jayden has been reliable, hardworking, and invested in cross country throughout the entire season. He has made smart decisions about when to rest and when to push himself for the good of the team overall. He has been a strong role model and leader for his teammates.

Varsity Field Hockey, Emma Schaad '21
Emma has really stepped up since the beginning of the season. She has been thrown into a few different positions and she always embracing each with a positive attitudem, never complaining. She also asks thoughtful questions to improve her play and understanding of the game. Earning a spot as defender, Emma has started to hold her own against some tough competition these last few weeks. Even though she is only a III former, Emma is a strong communicator, and it is great to hear her voice during games. We are excited to see her continue to grow over the next three seasons!

Girls Cross Country, Dorothy Walker '19
Dorothy has improved both her stamina and her confidence markedly over the course of the season. This past week, she ran the full 8 miles on our pizza run, rather opting to take the shorter route. She also ran in the 6-school invitational this past weekend with not just more confidence, but determination, and as a result, she achieved one of her best times of the season. Well done, Dorothy!