Millbrook Splits Meet against Hotchkiss and Trinity Pawling, with a Win again Trinity Pawling and a loss to Hotchkiss

Coach Meltzer
The Millbrook cross-country team traveled to Hotchkiss on a sunny, warm Saturday for this dual meet. Energy was high, as the meet coincided with both Millbrook's and Hotchkiss' Parents' Weekend. Millbrook boys came together as a team and leveraged each other's strengths in this race. Notably, each team member gave his all. The boys were able to eke out a win against Trinity Pawling, but unfortunately lost to Hotchkiss. For Millbrook, Kazuki Unamaya ('18) came in third after a hard battle against two Hotchkiss runners. Mateo Winogrand ('19) finished 8th, Charlie Weisberg ('21) finished in 13th, and Sam Iacavazzi ('18) came in 19th. Chris Wilkins ('18) and David Nesterov Rappoport ('18) finished close to each other, in 29th and 34th. Jayden Reeves ('19) gave a strong push and finished in 38th. Millbrook runners Tucker Sloan ('18), Will Ricker ('20) and Yassin Amir ('21) also finished in a tight group, and came in 62nd, 64th, and 66th place, respectively. Fenway Powers ('21) showed determination and heart in this race, and finished in 76th place. Overall, the team pushed hard and worked really well together in this race. Thanks to Hotchkiss for hosting us and for running a very well-organized meet.