Millbrook girls take 5th at Canterbury Invitational

Coach Havard
Led by co-captain Kerry Carr, who once again placed in the top 10 finishers, Millbrook's girls finished 5th of 16 teams in the division two race at the Canterbury Invitational.
It was so hot at the Canterbury Invitational this year that volunteers were hosing down runners after the race, and even at 5 p.m, the awards ceremony had to be moved to a shady spot. The heat did not daunt Millbrook's girls, who came out strong in their first race of the season. Co-captain Kerry Carr held back just a little in her first mile and was in 13th place for much of the race, before blasting by four runners in the final 400 meters to place 9th overall. Ella Horn and co-captain Lillie Marcos formed an effective partnership throughout the race, working together to pass runners ahead of them one by one, and finishing solidly in 30th and 31st places respectively. Raphaella Pope found a new gear in the final half-mile of the race, sprinting to 53rd place overall. While the extreme heat meant times were slower than last year, Marcos, Horn, and Pope all bettered their finishing places from 2016. Also contributing to Millbrook's overall score was Clare Carty, in the first race of her career, and Cindy He just behind her. Gunnery took third place in the race overall, and Millbrook goes head to head with them on Wednesday at the Gunnery. Hope to see you there! Many thanks to the Carr family, the Wilson family, Bonnie Horn and Kim Sample for their great support. And congratulations to Kaz and Millbrook boys for their first place finishes!!!
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