VIth Formers Honored at Prize Night

As part of Millbrook's traditional Commencement festivities, Prize Night followed Senior Dinner as graduates were recognized for their many achievements.

During the ceremony, VIth formers and their families applauded student successes in all academic areas, community service and public service, arts, and athletics. The following is a list of awards and winners:

Four Year Varsity Letter Awards
August Asman
Katharine Bishop-Manning
Zachery Brasser
Amanda Clizbe
Sarah Collins
Maya Holmes
Adam Lucas
Olivia May
Andrew Purse
Jack Quartararo
Caroline Reilly
Henry Rosenberg
Andrew Tartaro
Frederick W. Knutson Trophies
Katharine Bishop-Manning
Peter Rayhill
McSweeney Tour Guide Award
Henry Rosenberg
Emily Roosevelt '86 Public Service Award
Jennifer Hughes

Headmaster’s Merit Awards
Whittier Ambrose
Sam Asman
Ben Berg
Harry Simons
Patricia Smith
Emily Williams
Class of 1978 Award
Owen Kelley     
Senior Arts Awards
Art History - Tara Peckham & Macquarie Simon
Drawing and Painting - Tara Peckham
Dance - Sihuyn Wei & Emily Williams
Ceramics - Tahrieq Koonce & John McNulty
Instrumental Music - Billy Bi
Theater - Callum O'Connell & Lucy Loper
Vocal Music - Emma Jaeger
Christian Stehle Prize for Technical Theater
Thomas Denney

Nathaniel B. Abbott Cup
Tan Yi Lin Valerie
English Writing Prize
Jason Lei      
Sykes Mathematics Prize
Samantha Cole
Olivia May
Lucinda Mills
Clark Language Prize
William Conte
Alexis Sher
Frank W. Trevor Cup
Thomas Denney
Tan Yi Lin Valerie
Science Prize
Samantha Cole
Blaine History Essay Prize
Amanda Clizbe       
Congratulations to our prize winners and to the entire Class of 2017!

Visit our online photo gallery for images from the event.