Zooies of the Week - Kaitlyn Pike ‘18 and Charlotte Golden ’20

Kaitlyn Pike ‘18 and Charlotte Golden ’20 are our Zooies of the Week for their exceptional work together in the Red Panda exhibit. They exemplify teamwork, as they communicate well and work together to keep the exhibit clean.
As a V former, Kaitlyn chose to work at the Trevor Zoo for her Community Service and says, “I have a passion for animals, and I was excited to be able to work with so many different animals at the zoo.” During her past two semesters as a Zooie she has worked with the emus and wallabies, as well as in the kitchen preparing food for the marmosets and tamarin.

As a III former, Charlotte is working at the Trevor Zoo for her spring Community Service rotation. “I was excited to work at the zoo, as it’s one of the reasons I chose to attend Millbrook,” she says. Having previously worked in recycling and the community garden, she says that while the zoo has been the most challenging it has also been the most rewarding. “The animals are all so sweet, and everyone works hard to care for them together at the zoo,” says Charlotte.

Both Charlotte and Kaitlyn agree that the Red Pandas are fun to care for because they are “gentle, adorable, and friendly.”

When they are not caring for the Red Pandas at the Trevor Zoo, both Charlotte and Kaitlyn are busy participating in a multitude of activities. Charlotte participates in MIllbrook’s horseback riding program and was a member of the crew for the winter musical, and Kaitlyn is is a three-season athlete, playing varsity soccer, varsity hockey, and junior varsity lacrosse. Both Kaitlyn and Charlotte are an asset to the Trevor Zoo, and we appreciate their hard work!