Zooies of the Week - Ellie Stewart ’19 and Sarah Hoover ’20

Ellie Stewart ’19 and Sarah Hoover ’20 are our Zooies of the Week for their excellent teamwork in caring for the raven and porcupine. Together they maintain the enclosure and meet the needs of these very different animals with consistent attention to detail and positive attitudes.
As a IV former, Ellie chose to work at the Trevor Zoo for her Community Service, and says, “I love animals, and I wanted to take advantage of the unique opportunity to work at the zoo at Millbrook.” Prior to working with the raven and porcupine, Ellie looked after the Chinchillas and also worked as part of a large team in the South American barn. “Having worked in multiple settings and with a variety of animals this year, I would say that I have most enjoyed working with the raven and porcupine. It is fun to interact with them, and Sarah and I make a great team,” she says.

As a III former, Sarah is required to work at the Trevor Zoo for one semester as part of her Community Service commitment for the academic year, and while she says she was nervous at the start, she now very much enjoys the work. “I dreaded working at the zoo at first because I was nervous about interacting with the animals. Now that I am doing it though, I really appreciate the experience and have come to enjoy it,” she says.

Both Ellie and Sarah agree that Dakota, the porcupine, is one of their favorite animals at the Trevor Zoo. “He really is cute,” Sarah says. “He is really funny and waddles around. . . it is adorable,” says Ellie. Ellie also says that she enjoys caring for Omen, the raven, because, “he is really smart and can catch his food if you toss it to him, which is fun!”

Ellie and Sarah are also both very active outside of the Trevor Zoo, as Ellie participates in Millbrook’s horseback riding program and Sarah plays varsity hockey and golf. Congratulations to Ellie and Sarah on this well-deserved recognition. We are grateful for their positive attitudes, outstanding animal care, and exemplary teamwork!