Zooie of the Week - Spencer Madsen '19

Spencer Madsen '19 is our Zooie of the Week for his meticulous care of our tropical snakes. He is responsible for caring for the ball pythons, Dumeril’s boa, and the red-tailed boas. Not only is he responsible for feeding them and cleaning their enclosures, but he must also keep careful notes about their behaviors, which he has done diligently. Because of his mindful watch of the snakes and passion for animals, he was also very helpful in educating our recent student-visitors from Mizzentop Day School about the snakes.

Spencer says that he likes working with the snakes because they are very “peaceful and interesting animals.” During the fall semester he worked within a team of Zooies with the Rheas and Alpacas, which he says were more active and emotional.

He also says that having the opportunity to work independently has been a beneficial learning experience:

“During the fall I worked with a large team to care for our animals. Working alone with the snakes has taught me a lot about responsibility because it is up to me to care for them,” he said.

As a IV former, Spencer was able to choose which community service activity he wanted to participate in this year; and working at the Trevor Zoo was one of his top choices because of his love of animals. “Working with animals has been a daily reminder of how grateful we should be for our environment, as well as our education. I mean, we are the only high school with a zoo and that is very special!” said Spencer.

When Spencer is not at the Trevor Zoo, he spends his time in the Holbrook Arts Center playing guitar and “jamming out” with his friends. We are grateful for his efforts across campus. Well done, Spencer!