Strong Turnout for Headmaster's Challenge Event in NYC

Millbrook alumni gathered with faculty at The Ainsworth in New York City yesterday evening to enjoy hors d'oeuvres, connect, and celebrate the Headmaster's Challenge.

The Headmaster’s Challenge, a fundraising event that heats up in February, allows Millbrook alumni to participate in friendly competition that supports their alma mater. During this year’s challenge, alumni from 1990-2016 are competing against each other for the highest percent participation in the Annual Fund.

Another exciting component of this year's challenge is that our campus will be bathed in blue light as alumni participation increases. Millbrook students will ceremoniously light up the Millbrook campus blue to celebrate alumni support, and this process will culminate when a spotlight is shone on the Flagler Memorial Chapel. 
The Headmaster's Challenge event in New York City is an opportunity to celebrate Millbrook’s continued growth and to discuss goals around continuing the school's great momentum. Millbrook continues to make thoughtful improvements including our new dining hall, renovations in Prum Meeting Hall, and rennovations of the Mill, while still remaining true to our core values, both in pedagogy and appearance. “Every student is still needed and known,” said Headmaster Drew Casertano yesterday evening. 

The competition is heating up and alumni will gather again in Boston, MA, on February 22. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates throughout the Headmaster's Challenge and check out our photo gallery later this week for photographs from the event at The Ainsworth.

We look forward to a fun competition over the coming weeks and to victory for the most engaged classes!