Student Summer Internships

Project: Serving the Community

Non sibi sed cunctis (Not for oneself, but for all), is not just the school motto appearing on our letterhead; it is the way life at Millbrook is intended to be lived every day.

As an extension of the current community service activities on campus, a new internship program is being offered to V form students. Herb Shultz '63 has generously provided seed money for this new initiative. Selected students will work over the summer for approved not-for-profit (NFP) organizations or other identified causes where the students’ involvement would have tangible value. The not-for-profits (NFPs) will benefit by having a Millbrook School student work on their behalf, and our students will learn from their service experiences.

Following this paid summer internship students will write up a summary of their experience. How did their service benefit the NFP? What did they learn about themselves and the value of their service to others? There will also be opportunities to share these experiences, and the lessons learned, with the Millbrook School community in forums and chapel talks during the students' VI form year.

There are currently six internships available, and descriptions of each can be downloaded on the right side of this page along with the program application.

How to Apply

There are forms students need to obtain if they are interested in applying for an internship position. Additionally, students applying will need means of transportation to and from and should live within a 60-mile radius of the proposed internship. (Please note some internship program locations have accessibility to trains.)
  1. Students may begin the application process by signing the Student Program Requirements & Acceptance Form and must identify the summer internship program in which they are interested. This form is due December 1, 2016.
  2. A one-page Student Program Application Form will be sent electronically to students who have completed and turned in the Student Program Requirements & Acceptance Form. Students will be required to sign and submit the Student Program Application Form by January 15, 2017. 
  3. Students will be required to submit a 500-word essay by January 15, 2017.
Applications will be read by a Faculty Oversight Committee and the non-profit organization offering the internship. This year’s Faculty Oversight Committee members are:
  • Ms. Havard – general oversight
  • Mrs. Hardy/Ms. Keller-Coffey (social service) will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting student applicant for the ACA Program Service internship
  • Mr. Hardy (arts) will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting the student applicant for the Gordon Parks Foundation internship
  • Mr. Stark (technology) Will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting the student applicant for the ACA Computer Technician internship
  • Dr. Tousignant (zoo) will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting the student applicant for the Bronx Zoo internship
  • Mr. MacKenzie (science) will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting the student applicant for the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies internship
Students accepted into the summer internship program will receive a letter announcing their acceptance along with specific details of their appointment after February 15, 2017.

For questions related to this internship project, please contact:
Mrs. Vanecek
Alumni & Development Office
Callard House 2nd Floor, West End
(845) 677-8261 x154

Internship Descriptions

  • Internship Information: Gordon Parks Foundation
    This intern should have an interest in pursuing a career in the arts, museums, and archives. He/she will have a dynamic, hands-on introduction to the daily operations of an active nonprofit foundation and will be trained to carefully handle works of art, utilize the collection management database, operate scanning equipment, and conduct research necessary to the collection. Working under the supervision of the professional staff, the intern will contribute to timely projects and learn about and participate in the Foundation’s collection, exhibitions, and educational programs.
  • Internship Information: Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
    The Cary Summer Intern will work with Dr. Findlay and participate in several lab and field research projects ranging from primary data collection, laboratory procedures involving chemical and instrumental analyses, and data management/analysis.
  • Internship Information: Bronx Zoo
    As a seasonal volunteer, this intern will receive training in customer service, curriculum development, and basic interpretation, working alongside instructors to enhance the Zoo Camp experience for campers who are about to enter preschool to 5th grade. After training and shadowing to see what it's like to lead science based, hands-on activities, interns will be ready to lead some of the group activities for the campers.
  • Internship Information: Anderson Center for Autism, Program Services
    A Millbrook student intern will bring additional support to the Anderson Center for
    Autism staff through hands-on experience and help raise awareness within the Millbrook community. This internship experience can provide insight into the following career paths: special education, adaptive physical education, case management, speech language pathology, occupational or physical therapy, behavior analysis, residential support, and school administration.
  • Internship Information: Anderson Center for Autism, Computer Technician
    As technology is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals (also known as IT technicians) who can offer quality technical support. The intern selected for this position will be mentored in our award winning IT Department by one of our highly trained and certified technicians along with their managers. Each support staff member has at least 10 years hands on experience.

Internship Information: Student Proposed Program

This program can be student proposed and should be brought to the attention of the Program Head (Mrs. Vanecek) as soon as possible. The student can apply for a Student Proposed Internship only after having had a discussion with Mrs. Vanecek. Students must come prepared with contact information and details about the non-profit with which they are interested in working.
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