P.L.A.N. (Parent Leadership Annual Network) is the parent volunteer group at Millbrook. Volunteers work together with the Parent Chairs, Director of Parent Programs, and an Admission Associate to facilitate meaningful relations and communication, while also serving as ambassadors for the school. Volunteers support in the admission process, assist in promoting participation and support for the Annual Fund, and assist in the planning and execution of special events.

Volunteer opportunities include:
  1. Admissions 
  2. Fundraising/Annual Fund
  3. Halloween Dance, October
  4. Snow Ball Dance, December
  5. Dormitory Feeds (dates to be detemined with the head of each dormitory)
  6. Athletic Recognition Dinners, January and April
  7. Spring Dance 
For more information about P.L.A.N. please contact Director of Parent Programs Barbara Gatski

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our P.L.A.N. volunteer form by clicking on the link to the right.