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  • What is "My Millbrook Spending"?

    • It is a debit system. All student charges, with the exception of tuition, will be processed through the “My Millbrook Spending” debit system. Although we will not be issuing a card, the idea is similar to an ATM card in that purchases and withdrawals can only be made as long as there is a sufficient balance in the account to cover the transaction.
    • Every student is required to have a “My Millbrook Spending” account.
    • A minimum initial deposit of $1,000 for boarding students and $500 for day students is required to activate the account.
    • The debit system gives our students a valuable and realistic financial experience while allowing parents to retain control over their child’s spending.
  • How does it work?

    • A student’s use of the system is divided into two categories, discretionary and non-discretionary.
    • Parents can place limits in some categories, beyond which the system will not authorize spending.
    • Statements will be emailed once a month to the preferred email address that you provide on the worksheet, along with a copy to the student.
    • Unused balances will be returned when a student completes their education at Millbrook School.
  • What do I have to do?

    • Please complete and return the “My Millbrook Spending” debit system worksheet to the Business office via mail, email at  or fax: (845) 677-0339.
    • Fund your initial deposit. Ways to fund the account are listed below. Along with “My Millbrook Spending”, we would like to introduce you to This user-friendly website allows parents to fund and view the debit account at any time. The system synchronizes with our database once a day, providing up-to-date information on your student’s spending in each category. Even if you choose to fund the account by sending a check, we would like to encourage you to sign up with this website. Setting up an account is a very simple process, all you will need is your student’s ID number and your preferred email address.
  • How do I fund the account?

    • via credit card or electronic check. This can be at your discretion or by setting up auto replenish (via EFT). We highly recommend this feature since checks sent directly to Millbrook School could take up to 5 business days to arrive and be processed.
    • Wire Transfer: Please reference student name, and “MMS” in memo field. Wire information is available here, as well as in the Business Office.
    • Mail a check to: Millbrook School, Attn: Business Office. Please indicate your student’s name and “MMS” in the memo field on the check.
    • In-person in the Business Office at Millbrook School.
  • What are the spending categories?

    The following provides an explanation of each spending category for which the My Millbrook Spending debit system will be used. Funds within debit accounts are NOT held within specific categories. 

    Non-Discretionary Purchases: involve purchases which are generally essential in nature and cannot be restricted except by the availability of funds in the account.
    • Academic Supplies: Includes teacher handouts, course-books, and other academically required items, and laundry cards.
    • Transportation: Includes transportation to and from airports, bus, train stations, and health center related transportation charges. The amount in this category can vary widely depending on your student’s travel requirements.
    • Athletic Charges: Generally, students participating in inter-scholastic sports will be issued uniforms by the school. Charges to this category would include required athletic clothing and equipment. Personal items, such as footwear, gloves, skates, rackets, lacrosse sticks, and hockey sticks, etc., will be the student’s responsibility.
    • Health Center: This category covers all health related charges, such as vaccinations, infirmary charges, and prescriptions.
    • Miscellaneous: This category covers all student charges not provided for in other expense categories. Items to be included are academic testing, lab and art fees, library charges, room or property damage, and postage.
    Discretionary Purchases: Those which supplement the core school programs, and although we do not require restrictions, spending limits can be placed on the following areas. 

    Please note: students will not be able to make discretionary purchases unless funds are available. 
    • Personal Allowance: Is your student’s access to cash for off campus personal spending. There is a pre-set limit of $25/week. This amount can be increased or decreased. If the full restricted amount of allowance is not withdrawn each week, the allowance will accrue from week to week while the school is in session. Parental permission will be required to exceed restricted limits. (See Extraordinary Cash Withdrawals below). The school also has an ATM machine available on campus.
    • Extraordinary Withdrawals: This category is to cover special cash requirements not covered by personal allowance. Specific instructions are required for release of funds. Written parental permission must be emailed ( or faxed (845) 677-0339, and must be received 48 hours in advance.
    • School Store: Provides school supplies, toiletries, and various clothing items.
    • Snack Bar: Provides food outside dining service hours.
    • Trevor Zoo Mill: Provides zoo keepsakes, i.e. plushies, t-shirts, DVDs, and locally made soaps and lotions. 
  • Is there a minimum balance requirement?

    We suggest an ongoing balance of $100 during the school year. On April 15th, MMS will automatically set a $100 spending threshold to all VI formers' accounts to ensure that all last minute charges and purchases will have sufficient balance. Unused balances will be returned when students complete their education at Millbrook School.
If it has to do with bills, UPS, Fed Ex, wire transfers, and the like, the Millbrook School Business Office handles it. Please call them at 845-677-5361 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM if you have very specific questions that are not answered on this page.
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