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All families must review all contact information (address, phone, and email) and complete important permissions for their Millbrook student by August 15, 2017.

All permissions and contact information updates are being done through the secure portion of this website, a single-sign-on process. Please note these steps to complete the summer forms:
  1. Please login in to the Millbrook website via the Community Login link at the top of the webpage. Click on the forms link in BLUE at the top of your landing page.
  2. All forms that need to be completed will be displayed. If you have more than one child at Millbrook, you will need to complete a form for each child.
  3. There are forms that need to be signed by at least one parent and the student including the Computer Use and Library Use forms. Although two parent signature boxes might be displayed , only one parent must sign. The student must login with his/her own username and password in order to sign these forms and complete the submission process.
  4. In addition, all parents should review the contact information we have on file. It is important that we have correct address, phone, and email information for each parent. When logged in, click on the down arrow next to your name in the top navigation bar, then click "Profile". Please review your profile and make any changes, if necessary, by clicking on the pencil icon next to the information you need to edit.
  5. Parents should also download important information on the right side of this screen. This includes general lists of what to bring for boarding students, transportation information, and more. All of these downloads will be available here and on your Parent Resource Board throughout the year.
A diagram of the Resource Board, the forms link, and Profile access is included below - please review.

Should you have any trouble logging in, please contact Trish Langenau at or 845-677-8261 x222Alternatively, you can click on the "Login Help" link on the login screen, and instructions for your username and password will be emailed to the address we have on file.

Magnus Health Information

Click here to read about Magnus Health and the submission process for required health and immunization forms. Magnus Health forms are due by August 15, 2017.

Required Magnus Health Forms

Click here to sign in to Millbrook's website - there is a single sign-on that allows you access both to our Parent Resource Board and to the Magnus Health Portal. From the Parent Resource Board, click the Magnus Health Portal button to provide and update all health and immunization records.

For any questions related to completing health forms or logging in to Millbrook's website to access Magnus Health, please contact Trish Langenau - or 845-677-8261 x222.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnus Health Forms

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is Magnus Health, and why must we fill out forms using this service provider?

    To provide electronic health record service for our students, the health center at Millbrook School has partnered with Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record). Magnus Health is a premier web-based system in use by over five-hundred boarding schools and colleges to keep student medical records secured and organized.
  • Q. What forms am I required to complete for Magnus Health?

    The required forms include:
    1. Healthcare Information Acknowledgement
    2. Permission for Routine Care in the Health Center
    3. Vaccination and Medication Policy and Agreement
    4. Concussion information and Consent for Sports Participation
    5. Emergency Medical Care Permission
    6. Flu Vaccination and Consent
    7. Permission for Over-the-counter Medications to be Kept in the Dorm
    8. Vital Health Record
    9. Proof of Insurance
    10. Annual Physical Exam Form
    11. Immunization Form
    In some cases - for example, if your child has food allergies or asthma - additional forms might be required.
  • Q. How do I access the Magnus Health forms?

    Magnus Health can be accessed via the Parent Resource Board on the Millbrook School website. After logging into the Millbrook website via the "Community Login" link at the top right portion of the Millbrook homepage, you will see an icon that says "Magnus Health Portal."  Click on that icon, and you will be taken directly to Magnus Health. No further username or password is required.
  • Q. How can I submit my forms to Magnus Health?

    Eight of the forms are completed online. Only three forms must be downloaded, printed, completed by you or your doctor, and then submitted back to Magnus.

    There are three options to submit the three documents that must be printed:
    1. mail them to Magnus
    2. fax them to Magnus
    3. scan and then upload them to the Magnus Health portal

    Contact information for mailing and faxing will be printed on each form for reference upon submitting.

    Please note: a cover sheet prints out with each of the three documents that must be completed by your doctor. This cover sheet must accompany each document when returned to Magnus.

  • Q. Do you store these documents in hard copy anywhere at Millbrook School?

    No, we do not store these forms and documents in the health center or anywhere at else at Millbrook School. They are found only on the secure Magnus Health portal.
  • Q. How can I contact Magnus Health directly?

    You can reach Magnus Health directly by phone at 877-461-6831 or via email:

    If you would like to speak with someone at Millbrook School regarding how to access the Magnus Portal or how to login to the school website, please contact Trish Langenau via email or phone (845-677-8261 ext. 222).
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