List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What have you done since graduating from Millbrook?

    After I graduated from Millbrook, I studied theater and creative writing at The New School. After completing my studies there, I visited family that was stationed in Singapore at the time, and that launched my passion for travel. I then moved to Thailand for 9 months to teach kindergarten. Two years later I started Simplicana, my professional organizational company for homes and small businesses. This allows me to get paid while doing what I love and maintain a flexible schedule with plenty of time to explore the planet. So far I have visited 27 countries on 5 continents!
  • Q. What led you to becoming an entrepreneur, and where do you see yourself in the future?

    Millbrook taught me to be organized (this didn’t come naturally, just ask my Millbrook roommates), and traveling taught me to embrace simplicity and minimalism (I own two pairs of jeans). To this day I have never taken a business class in my life. However, I am lucky to have many mentors who offer guidance and have my back in sticky situations. I never dreamed I would be a business owner, but I couldn’t be happier. I’m currently working on an organizing parody rap video for my website, I have a book in the works, and then, who knows? I think it would be cool to do a TV show.
  • Q. How has the experience of being a class agent been?

    I love being a class agent. It gives me an excuse to connect often with the fine folks in Callard House, as well as my amazing classmates. I am so impressed with our careers and where we are still going as a class. The 10-year reunion was a total blast, and it makes wish my class met annually in June for on-campus shenanigans.
  • Q. How has your class managed to win the Callard House Cup for five consecutive years?

    Oh, you mean other than my charming, very frequent emails to all of my classmates? 2003’ers rock when it comes to giving back to Millbrook. That is partly because nearly all of us had a positive experience attending Millbrook. We are also very close as a class. The year before I arrived as a sophomore was a tough year on campus, and people bonded together. When we new sophomores arrived, Millbrook did a great job of helping us newbies mix with the original class members at Camp Jewell. Even though we missed out on freshman year, I don’t think we feel any less “Millbrook” than the four-year seniors.
  • Q. What is your fondest memory of Millbrook?

    I can’t believe you’re going to make me pick one. I’m saying two. One was the spring musical. It was a healthy outlet that my dramatic teenage self needed to get me through some angsty bouts! The second was when my mother passed away the spring of my junior year. My friends, teachers, dorm parents, and advisor (Cam Hardy) showed me lots of love, in the form of support or space, depending on what I needed that day. I was a bit of a brat and acted out, and they loved me anyway. This meant more than I can ever say.
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