List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What have you done since graduating from Millbrook?

    My first stop was Dickinson College. When it was time for my first winter break, I called my father to ask him to bring our station wagon when he came to get me. There was a bit of a pause before he asked why, to which I replied, “Because I’m not coming back, I’m joining the Marine Corps.”
    Being a good father, he said, “We’ll talk about that.” However, I did join and went off to boot camp in 1989 and spent the next 4 years in the United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalion.
    Returning home, I began attending classes at University of Massachusetts Lowell. I worked in information technologies over school breaks integrating telecommunications, doing a lot of cabling in large-scale construction. I got married and moved to the greater Boston area in 1999. I worked for several companies in the Andover area doing technology installation during the dot-com boom.
    In 2000, I joined Phillips Academy as the director of information technology until moving into the Business Office in 2008. I am now the director of business services, managing diverse responsibilities.
  • Q. How has your experience in the United States Marine Corps impacted you?

    I’ve never had as powerful an experience as the one I had in the Marines. There was a sense of brotherhood that I have never found again. You always knew that someone was there for you, particularly in times of greatest need. There was also a very strong “can do” attitude. It’s an environment where once an objective is set, you go and complete your objective. I think it’s safe to say that because I’ve had that experience, when faced with a difficulty it’s easier for me to say, “Okay, let’s just bite the bullet and get this done.”
  • Q. What is your fondest memory of Millbrook?

    I’ll never forget walking into my dorm room on my first day at Millbrook and thinking, “What have I done? Why did I do this?” However, It wasn’t long before it felt like I had always been at Millbrook. Although I had joined during my Vth form year, I felt like a true 4-year VIth former. I made great friendships in a remarkably comfortable environment and community.
  • Q. What is it like to give a chapel talk 25 years after graduation?

    On one hand, it feels as though I was here yesterday. On the other hand, I don’t think there was ever a time where I thought that I would be standing behind the podium in the chapel. I am incredibly honored to come back. It’s great to maintain a relationship with a timeless institution. While changes have been made across campus, it has the same exact feel to it as when I attended. You can really close your eyes and be transported back to when you were 18. It’s really magical in that respect.
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