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A perfect balance of academic responsibilities, activities and relaxed, fun personal time fills each Millbrook student's day.  On the bucolic, college-like campus, there is opportunity around every corner - not only to make a grade, but to make a life, to be curious, to participate, or to expand your talents, abilities and interests, whether that is in the biology lab, on the athletic fields, in the Outreach room, or in the dorm. Millbrook students learn to manage their time well. They know when to spend an extra hour or three on their studies and they know when to stretch out and enjoy the campus in all its beauty. 

Since its inception in 1931, Millbrook and its community have been interdependent to achieve growth and development. Today, the community continues to shape the Millbrook experience whether through curating at the Trevor Zoo, doing roadside cleanup, recycling, planning weekend activities, peer counseling, or producing professional quality videos to catpure all of the action. Students take ownership of the campus and become responsible leaders in the process. 

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  • Academic Days

    A Millbrook student's academic day typically begins with the first commitment at 8:00 a.m.; alarm clocks go off a bit earlier for third and fourth formers, however, because they are required to eat breakfast in the dining hall before their first class. Classes are scheduled through 3:00 p.m. on most days, ending with athletic practices or scheduled activities. The academic week runs from Monday morning through Saturday noon with Wednesday and Saturday afternoon reserved for interscholastic athletic games. Built into this flexible six-day schedule is time for community service (four times per week), for all-school assembly two mornings per week, all-school advisory lunch once a week, and for three extra help periods with faculty members.
  • Dorm Life

    Living with a group of people from diverse backgrounds twenty-four hours a day is a unique experience, one seldom found outside of boarding school. In many ways a student's dormitory will become his or her new home - where best friends and teachers live next door or down the hall. Because dorm life is such a special part of Millbrook, day students also have a bed on which they can sleep should they choose to stay the night. 

    Evenings for Millbrook students begin with a buffet-style dinner in the Dining Hall six nights per week and a formal dinner one night each week. Just before formal dinner, students assemble for a chapel talk (sponsored by the school's Spiritual Life Committee) given by a student, a faculty member, or a visiting speaker on a relevant and timely topic. And on special Friday nights, the school community gathers in the Chelsea Morrison Theater in the Holbrook Arts Center to listen to an outside speaker, a panel discussion, a musical or theatrical performance, etc., as part of the forum series.

    At 8:15 p.m. evening study hall begins - a quiet period set aside for serious studying in the dorms through 10:00 p.m. - after that, there are sometimes impromptu popcorn parties until "lights out."
  • Campus, Quads and Buildings

    Incredible natural beauty defines the Millbrook School campus which is located 90 miles north of New York City in the lovely countryside of the Mid-Hudson Valley region (Dutchess County). Its rural 800 acres contain rolling hills, forests, wetlands, playing fields, trails (used by those on foot or on horseback) and the campus proper, which is arranged around the main quadrangle.

    The quad is reminiscent of a traditional New England village with the Flagler Memorial Chapel at its head and red brick and white clapboard buildings completing the square.

    The entire campus is comprised of 70 buildings, including eight dormitories, the Schoolhouse, the Mills Athletic Center, the Holbrook Arts Center, the Hamilton Math and Science Center (completed in January of 2008), Pulling House (the headmaster’s residence), the Barn (student center, completely renovated in 2012), and the six-acre Trevor Zoo. Since 1931, students have enjoyed Millbrook’s sweeping lawns, tree-lined country lanes, acres of woodlands – all amid a breath-takingly gorgeous natural setting.
  • Activities

    The school encourages its students to participate in activities which reinforce their Millbrook academic program. Among these might be international travel and language study, community service programs, outdoor adventures, scientific study, visual and performing arts programs, and sports-related programs. Millbrook students have participated in some of the following: American Field Service, Youth for Understanding, World Horizons, Interlochen, Visions International, Where There Be Dragons, Teton Science School, World Learning, The School for Field Studies, Putney Student Travel, Outward Bound, Carnegie Mellon Summer Pre-College Program for Theater and Acting, Rustic Pathways, Trails Wilderness, Deer Hill Expeditions, ACS British Studies, Broadreach, and Academic Study Associates at Stanford and Oxford. 

    How about a trip with one of your teachers? We've done that, too. During the past few years, Millbrook faculty members have sponsored scientific data-collecting trips at the Isand School and in the mountains of Mongolia, language-immersion visits to France, service trips to India and Guatemala, and cultural education visits to Cambodia. Even the baseball and lacrosse teams have traveled south at spring break to warm up for the coming season.

    Of course, right here on campus there are activities every weekend - from autumn festivals to spring weekends full of games and musical entertainment, there is always something going on. Throughout the year, weekends are sprinkled with shopping trips to the Galleria Mall in Poughkeepsie, outings to nearby towns like Millerton, NY, special movie showings, and much more.
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  • Enhancing Diversity

    Millbrook School believes that a diverse community is a healthy one; to this end, it seeks to attract students and faculty with varying racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Central to the school's mission is to encourage open communication and acceptance among people of all kinds, and our diversity statement summarizes this belief. 

    Out of this belief was formed the Diversity Group, a student/faculty committee whose mission it is to keep issues of diversity foremost in the minds of all on campus and to sponsor events which raise awareness of local and global issues. Some of their activities include traveling to the annual NAIS People of Color Conference and planning a campus-wide Diversity Day. 

    In addition, the Millbrook School Admission Office has maintained a close relationship over the years with several leading national counseling/placement groups including A Better Chance, Inc., the Boys Club of New York, Oliver Scholars, and NJ SEEDS. 

    Our international students have a special organization, with its own advisor, dedicated to the special challenges boarding school life presents to them. All look forward to International Week during which the Diversity Group and the international students join forces to put on a multi-cultural dinner, featuring some of their families' favorite dishes.
  • Faculty Support

    In addition to the guidance received from classroom teachers, mentors, and various group advisors, Millbrook students can rely on support from the adults on campus in a number of specific ways. 

    Advisors/Advisees At the very heart of Millbrook School's support system for its students is the advisor (faculty member)/advisee (student) relationship. Starting on a student's first day at school, he or she is assigned a faculty advisor who will, at various times throughout that student's years at Millbrook, act as academic advisor, counselor, mediator, parent liaison, and advocate. The advisor/advisee relationship is the daily command center to and from which all-important communications take place. This relationship is taken very seriously by everyone at Millbrook and is often the key ingredient to a rich experience on campus for all. 

    Dormitory Parents Nearly every teacher at Millbrook lives on the campus. Those who are dormitory faculty are available to students practically around-the-clock for a special kind of outside-the-classroom guidance - for help with homework, for quick advice, to resolve a conflict, or in times of actual crisis. All frequently welcome students into their homes; after all, for boarders often far away from home, TLC can merely be a batch of freshly baked brownies enjoyed in front of the fireplace.

    Director of Counseling When more in-depth help is indicated for students, a full-time director of counseling is on hand to be a resource for anyone needing help with developmental issues, coping strategies, and health education. When warranted, the counselor may refer students to professionals off campus.
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  • Student Leaders

    There are many opportunities for students in various leadership positions to support other students on campus:

     - Members of the senior class (10%-15%) who are elected by their classmates to serve as school-wide role models, demonstrating responsible and appropriate behavior for all students at all venues. Living by the Honor Code, they provide leadership and accountability to the student body, serve alternately on the discipline committee, and communicate weekly with the headmaster and/or the dean of students.

    Dorm Leaders - Upper class students selected by the dorm faculty to help oversee residential life on campus. Dorm leaders help enforce the rules of the dorm, assist in running evening study hall, mediate disputes among classmates, act as liaisons between dorm residents and dorm parents, and, in general, help maintain a happy balance of order and fun in the dorms.

    Peer Counselors - Upper class students selected by the Director of Counseling who are trained in basic counseling skills and meet weekly with the Director of Counseling for supervision. Peer counselors are not a substitute for professional counseling, but rather an aid in reaching students who might go to a peer to discuss a problem before going to an adult.

    Student Advisors - All new students are assigned student advisors, returning students who meet them immediately upon their arrival at Millbrook and who can help steer them through the opening weeks new experiences.
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