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The school is continuing to develop in ways that are consistent with our mission and support our ambition to be the finest small, coeducational, college-preparatory boarding school in the country.

As Millbrook has become a school of 300+ students, we have most recently completed construction on a spacious new dining hall to accommodate the larger school population. Like the Flagler Memorial Chapel, the new dining hall is a gathering place for the entire community—students, faculty, staff, and their families. This demands that the dining hall be the best possible combination of form and function, that it is as beautiful and inspirational as it is functional, effective, and green.
Millbrook’s Physical Resources Committee has sought to preserve and enhance the best of Millbrook’s campus design and architecture with the goal of having every alumnus/a who returns to campus say, “It looks just the same, only better.” The new 400-seat dining hall is adjacent to Prum Hall, with a beautiful new courtyard in between, that will create another center for community gatherings. The dining hall will connect to the first floor of Prum Hall, which is currently being transformed into "Main Street Millbrook," a perfect space for community gatherings large and small.

The next major project already in the works is new faculty housing, an initative that is part of our "Faculty Covenant." As our student population has grown, so too has the number of faculty, and our goal is to continue to improve housing, compensation, benefits, and salaries in order to attract and retain the very best faculty.

Millbrook's Newest Facilities

Millbrook's campus has evolved tremendously over the past several years as facilities improvements have been made in almost every area of school life. With an investment of more than $60 million over the past 20 years, the following new buildings and renovations represent a commitment to continually improving the educational experience for Millbrook students:
  • West Hall, the new girls dormitory on the west end of campus, was completed for the opening of the 2014 school year.
  • The Barn, one of the oldest buildings on campus, underwent a complete renovation in 2012. Housing the student center, the Millbrook Cafe, the School Store, and the College Counseling Office, it is a favorite gathering place for students on campus.
  • The Reese Squash Center was expanded in 2012 to include four new international squash courts (for a total of eight), an expansive viewing area, and new team rooms.
  • Harris Hall now extends to the space where the health center used to reside. The Miller Brown Health Center was rebuilt in a bright new facility just behind Pulling House.
  • The Harris-Kenan Language Center was created in 2009. Spaces here were designed for collaborative study and immersion in world cultures and languages and use the latest in technology to access resources from around the world.
  • The Hamilton Math & Science Center was completed in 2008 and houses state of the art classrooms and labs for math and science classes. 

Our Newest Facility: The Dining Hall

Dining Hall - Fast Facts

• 400 seats
• 12,000 square feet
• 23’ ceiling in the dining room
• Sustainable design features include:
natural materials
recycled materials
ground couple heat source
natural ventilation
day lit with views
This campus map illustrates the newest and upcoming changes to campus. Highlighted in red, West Hall, just completed September 2014, is towards the top. The dining hall & Mainstreet Millbrook are towards the middle, and the physical plant facility is at the bottom right.

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