Due to the different tax structure in Canada, the financial aid process for Canadian families is a little different. We do require you to complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) which is available online at www.sss.nais.org. Submitting your financial information online is the most efficient way; however, if you prefer to fill out the PFS manually, you may download the PFS from that website. We know that this form does not jive well with your tax system, so please reference the addendum (see the download to the right), which should help you adapt your financial and tax information to the PFS. In addition, we require you to complete our International Student Profile form (see download to the right) and submit tax information to the SSS to support your application – specifically your 2015 federal and provincial income tax returns and your 2016 T-4s.

Finally, if you have another child or children in a tuition-bearing institution, you must submit the Verification of Sibling in a Tuition-Bearing Institution form. You may download this form by clicking on the link to the right. Please fill out your part and send it on to the financial aid office of the appropriate school, which will complete it and return it directly to Millbrook School.

It is important that you complete all aspects of the financial aid application process by January 31, 2017. Should you apply after this date, you can risk receiving primary consideration. You may find the checklist helpful as you move through the process.

Please do not hesitate to contact Director of Financial Aid Linda Casertano at any point during this process - 845-677-8261, x135 or by email at lcasertano@millbrook.org. We welcome your questions, concerns, and comments.

  • Verification Form for Siblings
    This form is required if the applicant for financial aid has a sibling who is attending a tuition-bearing institution