Reflecting On Our Trip to Vienna, Austria

By: Robbie Bisconti '18

After returning to Millbrook from our Vienna adventure, we have had time to digest and reflect on the amazing experience.

One of the most important things that we were able to bring home from our experience in Vienna was the importance of being able to adapt to different situations. From a few strange and difficult travel challenges, to new directors and directing styles, the Millbrook Singers were still able to adapt to new challenges and stay on track.

For example, group choreographer and singer, Heidi Reiss ‘16, had to alter our movements for many of the songs in order to adapt the performances to fit new spaces. The 20-foot wide Theater Centre Forum where we performed on March 14, was one such space.

Heidi says, “It was really interesting to see the choreography take different forms in different settings because the visual was completely different, even with the slightest of changes."

Vienna offered new opportunities to perform for audiences outside of the Millbrook community.

Singer Tyler Schmalz ‘16 said, “I enjoyed performing for audiences that genuinely wanted to be there and wanted to see us succeed."

The hard work and willingness to adjust routines as needed paid off, as audiences in Vienna paid to come see the Millbrook Singers perform. Having paying audiences enjoy our performances inspired us to continue setting challenging goals and working hard to achieve them.

“I love how we all bonded as a group. It was interesting to spend time outside of a school setting and experience a foreign country with a diverse group of people,” says Ava McCoy ‘18.

Beyond the professional opportunities Vienna offered the Millbrook Singers, we also enjoyed being able to absorb a new culture, and bonding as a “family.” Visiting amusement parks, preparing for performances, eating traditional cuisines, and touring historical landmarks were just some of the many unique experiences that we enjoyed. Each of these contributed to the lasting bond that is a result of our shared experience. 

“We just all laughed for so long together. That was a point where I really felt like we were kinda a family,” says Isabella Buccellati ‘16.

Director Vince Vincent was especially ethusiastic about the experience, and the growth and bonding of the group.

“I am extremely proud of the progress the group made during this trip. I watched a group of talented students transform into bold young artists. It was incredible, and one of the most memorable moments of my career to-date,” Mr. Vincent said.

Overall, everyone in the group benefited musically and personally from this experience,  and memories made will be cherished and reflected on for years to come.