Millbrook Travels to Guatemala on Community Service Trip

Eight V and VI form students traveled to Guatemala during Intersession with Headmaster Drew Casertano and Assistant Head of School and Dean of Students Liz Morrison for the 11th annual community service trip to Safe Passage.
Safe Passage’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty through education for the approximately 600 children they serve. The parents of these children work in a dump in Guatemala City. They scavenge and recycle materials from the dump to provide for their families. Safe Passage offers education, hygiene, nutrition, affection, and some stability for these children and their families.
Millbrook students spent much of their time teaching the children how to play lacrosse. Through lacrosse, they hoped to help the children have fun, find an enjoyable distraction from the hardships in their lives, learn lessons of sportsmanship and team play, and develop greater self-respect and confidence. While the primary responsibility of our students was to teach and play lacrosse, they also helped the children learn English, and helped with any other needs of Safe Passage such as property maintenance. 
“Being my first time visiting a third world country, this experience changed my perspective. I was surprised to see how people lived, and how they survived with very little resources,” says Breanna Babiarz ‘16
Like Breanna, many Millbrook students share this life-changing experience, as Millbrook has taken this trip annually since 2006 as part of the Lax for Life Intersession course. As in years past, the service trip proved to be transformative for both Safe Passage and Millbrook students. Thank you, Safe Passage!
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