Parent Network

The Parents Leadership Annual Network is a group of current and recent past parents who volunteer to be of service to prospective Millbrook students and their families. Any or all of them would be more than happy to answer questions you might have about the admission process, about Millbrook, in general, and about their children’s experiences at the school. If you would like to speak with one of our families, please contact the Admission Office.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Ahern (P '13)
Oswego, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Ambrose (P '14)
Greenwich, CT

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bluestone (P '15, '16)
Yorktown Heights, NY

Mr. Bruce Brown and Ms. Deborah Valchar (P '13)
New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Justin J. Butwell (P '13)
Salt Point, NY

Mr. Dave Carty and Ms. Susan Sample (P '15)
Hoboken, NJ

Mr. David Cowan and Ms. Valorie Fisher (P '13)
Cornwall Bridge, CT
Mr. and Mrs. William Crossman '74 (P '09)
Okatie, SC

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davis (P '13)
Washington Crossing, PA

Mr. John Dolan and Ms. Michele O'Hana (P '13, '15)
Chatham, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Essner (P '13)
New York, NY

Mr. and Mrs. David Everts '75 (P '13)
Medfield, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Feid (P '13)
Bedford, NY

Mr. Henry Ferris and Ms. Nancy Weltchek (P '15)
New York, NY

Mr. Walter Garschagen and Ms. Lynn Hawley (P '15)
Millbrook, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harvard (P '13)
New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Harvey (P '10, '14)
Lakeville, CT

Mr. Andrew Hoffman and Ms. Alexandra Bates (P '14)
New York, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holbrook '82 (P '11, '12, '14)
Greenwich, CT

Mr. Keith A. King and Ms. Joaquina Borges King (P' 13)
Hamden, CT 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lowe (P '13)
Woodstock, VT

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. May III (P '14)
Owings Mills, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCartney (P '15)
Hopewell Junction, NY
Mr. and Mrs. William Menard '78 (P '09, '12, '12)
Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merrill (P '09, '11, '13)
New Canaan, CT

Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell (P '14)
Bedford, NY

Mr. and Mrs. John Nugent (P '13)
New York, NY

Mr. Peter Rundquist and Ms. Lisa Weilbacker (P '15)
Clinton Corners, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Sednaoui (P '09, '11, '13)
Bedford, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Selz (P '12)
New York, NY
Drs. W. Blaine and Christy D. Stine (P '14)
Shrewsbury, MA

Mr. Howard Tenenbaum and Mrs. Amy Danziger Tenenbaum (P '14)
New York, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wallace (P '14)
Kennett Square, PA
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Whalen III (P '06, '09, '10, '14)
Millbrook, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Williams (P '14)
Harrisburg, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Woolford (P '14)
Norwalk, CT
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Wright (P '13)
Princeton, NJ
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austrian (P '13)
Tiburon, CA
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Cronin (P '12)
Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Leo Flotron and Ms. Constance Gardner (P '15)
Dayton, OH

Mr. W. Christian Gabrielsen II (P '12)
Corona Del Mar, CA

Ms. Joan Johnson (P '14, '16)
Lake Forest, IL

Ms. Erin H. Lyons (P '13)
Emigrant, MT

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Naese (P '14)
St. Charles, IL
Mr. Alberto Menniti and Ms. Marianna Provvidenza (P '13)
Kirkland, Quebec

Mr. and Mrs. James Moir (P '13)
Nassau, Bahamas

Mr. and Mrs. Shun-Ichi Murata (P '14)
Kobe Hyogo, Japan

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith '65 (P '97, '01)
Paget, Bermuda

Mr. Samuel T. Wong
'73 (P '02)
Hong Kong